Rachel & Jorge- Vitruvian Park- Addison, TX


Rachel and Jorge are a newly married couple. Their marriage is the epitome of  love, fun, and happiness. They were naturals in front of the camera and their love for each other was evident!

We had their session planned for a few weeks. We kept checking the weather to make sure we were going to get a beautiful day and all was looking good. The day of their session came and we could not have asked for a more gorgeous day! Bright, sunny skies, a soft breeze, and not a cloud in sight. Around noon I started noticing some clouds and before long the wind had picked up, the sun was gone, and all that was left was overcast skies.

As much as I wanting a gorgeous day, this couple’s love shined far more than any sunny day and we ended up having a blast!

Take a look at Rachel & Jorge’s session. Enjoy!