Breakfast of Champions- Lewisville Photographer


Y’all want a sneak peak of my Sunday morning?

I watched my nephew last night so my sister and brother in law could have a date night. The boys are having a blast, as usual! Bryson runs up to me and says “mom, I’m ready for breakfast” so we start searching the pantry for food. I usually have muffins but they were all gone. We keep looking and we find leftover cookies, icing, and sprinkles from my class Valentine’s party. I ask the boys if they want that and of course they say “YES!!!”. So here is a fun post about how we spent our morning. Who doesn’t love a good cookie at 8:30 in the morning? #momoftheyear

P.S. I have ordered groceries and they will be ready for pick up shortly. 😉

Happy Sunday, friends!