Rain Family- Lumen Room- Dallas Family Photographer- Christa Robey Photography


I had so much fun with the Rain family a couple of weeks ago at the Lumen Room in Dallas. When Robert and I were discussing location options I told him about the Lumen Room and he quickly fell in love with it. This session was my first time shooting their and all I can say is wow! In. Love! (with the family and location!)

I love this family so much. I work with Robert and he is a hoot! He always has something witty to say and is always an encourager to all of the staff at Silver Lake. Don seems super laid back and was super easy going during our session. We pass by each other every day dropping the kids off at daycare and I love seeing him interacting with Kyan. Robert told me I needed to be prepared for Kyan because he didn’t know how he would do. Y’all, he was the most perfect two year old!! So well behaved and was ready to play! His little grin is so sweet. Sebastian was making me laugh so hard the whole session. He had specific poses that he wanted to do and you can tell he had planned these out for awhile. At one point he told me, “I’m ready for my close up!” And then he started laughing uncontrollably! Which made me laugh uncontrollably!! I love that kid!

I had so much fun with your family, Robert and Don! Thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you.