Boudoir Photography | Christa Robey Photography | Pink Pineapple Studios


Hi, friends!

Today I am sharing a gorgeous boudoir session that I did for the beautiful Abbi! We used one of my favorite boudoir studios, Pink Pineapple Studios in North Richland Hills. We started our day with pampering Abbi with hair, makeup, wine, and music. She seemed a bit nervous at first but she told me by the end of her session that she had so much fun! This is what I LOVE to hear from all of my clients.

Boudoir sessions can be intimidating and a bit scary but with confidence, great posing, and styling help I will make you look your absolute best!

Many women come into boudoir sessions without having much confidence about their bodies. We, as women, always point out the negatives in our bodies and focus on those things. Ladies, it’s time to stop focusing on those “imperfections” and start focusing on your true beauty!

Let me work with you and help you have the best day ever. I promise you will leave your session feeling like superwoman. You got this, girl! Go ahead and message me and let’s get you booked!

Christmas is coming up right around the corner and what better gift to give your hubby than of these special images of you? Am I right?? Lets make it happen, I can promise you won’t regret it!

Talk to you soon, boudoir babes!