Tammy & Stephen | 30th Anniversary Session | Arbor Hills Nature Preserve | Christa Robey Photography


Tammy and Stephen drove all the way from Louisiana to have me photograph this super special session for them last weekend. They are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this month. 30 YEARS!!! Y’all, that is so amazing!

Marriage is hard at times but if you put in the work you will end up like Tammy and Stephen. Still madly in love even after being married for 30 years. What a milestone! Tammy and Stephen have three kiddos who are now adults and have families of their own. You both are setting such a great example for your children. I know they are so proud of y’all!

I am so happy for you two! Thank you so much for traveling so far to have me photograph such a special session. I wish you both all the best!! Happy anniversary!