Braxton – Senior 2020 | Wayne Ferguson Plaza | Christa Robey Photography


Everyone, meet Braxton! He will be starting his senior year of high school next week and I am so excited for him. His mom and I worked together and their entire family is so sweet.

Braxton is considering attending the University of Arkansas, although he isn’t 100% sure just yet. I know wherever he chooses will be the perfect fit. However, I’m a little partial to Arkansas universities! 😉

Braxton loves to bow fish so we got a few shots of him in action. I had no idea how bow fishing worked so Braxton and his dad showed me. I mean, I got to see videos and everything! It was so neat! Fun fact: In college, my husband bought me a hunting bow and we went bow hunting a few times. It didn’t last long for me. Ha!!

I am so happy for you, Braxton. I know you will do so many great things and I can’t wait to hear all about them from your mom. I wish you all the best!