These two have a very unique story. They met last April for the very first time and began dating a few weeks later. Four months after their first meeting they knew they wanted to be with each other for the rest of their lives and were engaged to be married. Just one year later, they […]

Having a sibling is so special. It’s another person that you grow up with that you can count on for anything. Easton and Anna are so sweet with each other. They were constantly hugging each other (without prompting) and just genuinely being sweet to one another. I asked Rachel if they were like this all […]

When I first met Christina and Brian they seemed a little shy but super sweet! As soon as I put them in front of my camera all of the shyness went away and they were MODELS for me! They were so giggly the entire session. Brian would whisper little jokes in Christina’s ear and it […]