Our sweet babysitter is graduating in May! I am so excited for her but also super sad because my kiddos LOVE her! She is planning on attending Texas A&M University in the Fall and I know she is going to do great things there. Taylor and her sweet mama, Amy, met up with me in […]

Everyone, meet Braxton! He will be starting his senior year of high school next week and I am so excited for him. His mom and I worked together and their entire family is so sweet. Braxton is considering attending the University of Arkansas, although he isn’t 100% sure just yet. I know wherever he chooses […]

I had so much fun this week with Logan and her sweet mama! This cross country lovin’ senior is GORGEOUS, y’all! Logan was so sweet from the beginning of her session to the end. She was a master at the “serious” look but her natural giggly smile was so perfect, too! She is such a […]